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Longitude Entertainment is an efficient, aggressive and prolific full-service film, television and Internet production company. The main focus of the operation is to pursue high quality, commercially viable projects that can be packaged with star talent, set up with studios or made independently. As part of its innovative approach, Longitude Entertainment will treat each project as a distinct, freestanding intellectual property -- rather than pigeonholing it as a feature film or other specific genre -- incorporating a broader approach to developing its artistic and financial potential.

Steve Longi, founder and president, has over twenty years experience in the entertainment business and has produced numerous feature films and television projects.

Longitude is more than just a production company: it will be a platform for other business endeavors such as management and industry consulting. In addition to providing the more traditional production and management services described above, Longitude will seek to provide an environment to foster a creative exchange of ideas between industry professionals, networking and opportunities for business expansion. More than just a business, Longitude Entertainment will be an experience - an event, with the end result being a polished, professional end product.